What is Hashish? : All Things You Need To Know About Hashish

Hashish is a drug that is made from the resin of Cannabis plants. This plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC in hashish produces different effects than when it is consumed as cannabis or marijuana. It is one of the most potent recreational drugs, with only two to three milligrams being enough for an adult to feel its effect. Hashish can be eaten, smoked or taken intravenously.

Hashish has been around since at least 1200 BC and has had many uses over time including in medicines, religious ceremonies and even making ropes stronger! Today there are many people who use hashish recreationally which can lead to adverse side effects like respiratory problems and addiction if not used responsibly. However you decide to consume hashish, remember to be safe!

What are the side effects of hashish?

The side effects of hashish depend on the method and amount of hashish that is consumed. The main effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Increased appetite
  • Drowsiness/relaxation

The side effects of hashish can also depend on how much THC was consumed, the concentrations of which vary in different types of hashish. The risk for negative side effects increases when the amount of THC in hashish is greater than 15%. This can lead to stronger experiences and can result in:

The side effects listed above increase with increased doses of THC. Also keep in mind that some negative side effects appear more frequently than others and vary from person to person. These side effects don’t just go away after consuming hashish and can increase the risk for serious health complications if not addressed in an appropriate environment or if consumed excessively.

There are also many negative side effects associated with dependency to THC. These depend on the amount of THC consumed, frequency of consumption and how long you’ve been consuming it for. This includes:

  • Lethargy
  • Reduced appetite
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Sleep problems

Dependency on THC can be a very serious issue as cannabis has been known to have permanent effects on those who are dependent. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these negative side effects from consuming hashish, seek help right away!

What are the different ways to consume hashish?

Hashish can be consumed in many different forms, but there are three main methods people use today:

  • Eating/swallowing
  • Smoking
  • Injecting (intravenously)

Eating or swallowing hashish is the most common way to consume it. This method of consumption is the least likely to cause any immediate health issues. However it can be hard to control the amount consumed if ingested in food or drink, so an excessive amount eaten could have some adverse short-term effects on your body.

Smoking hashish leads to a faster onset of its effects and leads to less negative side effects than eating/swallowing it. This is because THC enters the bloodstream and is processed by the liver before it reaches the brain when smoked. This method can be used to consume hashish with a high THC concentration, but keep in mind that the side effects may still include red eyes and dry mouth. Hashish can also be smoked through pipes or rolled into joints.

In this article, you learned what hashish is and how it can be consumed in different forms. You also learned about the side effects that come with consuming hashish which vary depending on frequency of use and method of consumption. The most common methods are eating/swalling or smoking it through a pipe or joint. Whether you’re new to hashish or have been using for years, there may come a time when your body will react negatively to THC if not used responsibly so speak up! If any negative side-effects occur from having too much THC in your system, seek help immediately by speaking with someone who has experience treating addiction issues related to cannabis dependency. 

We hope these insights have helped inform your understanding of the world’s oldest drug, hashish!