And then there is the term weed.  So what is the difference between cannabis, marijuana, hemp and weed?  Cannabis is the real name for the plant. The main strains for marijuana are Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Indica is the couch stuff that makes you tired and mellow. In Greek Cannabis means flowering herb.  So where did the confusion come from?

 There is so much misconception out there even from industry professionals. even people who write books about the industry talk about cannabis and hemp as though there’s something to be different between them.  so no wonder people are confused. the fact is cannabis is hemp. let me explain further so you can understand where the possible confusion comes in. Cannabis is a species of a plant and includes all aspects of the plant. you are aware that cannabis can get you high and the cannabis plant has different strains. the cannabis strains that get you high is referred to as marijuana.  so what happens is most people use the word cannabis and hemp interchangeably. that is where the confusion comes from. Cannabis has strains that are bred for industrial use. these cannabis strains do not get you high and are commonly referred to as hemp. the international definition of ham as opposed to marijuana was born in 1971. it was developed by a Canadian researcher and scientist named Ernest Small.  in 1971 he published a little known book but a very influential one called the, “species problem.” Scientist small acknowledge there is no scientific point in which a cannabinoid could be distinguished between hemp and cannabis. mean the strains had a little difference between cannabinoid strains that could get you high and industrial strains that had no Psychological affect. To define this he decided to draw an arbitrary line on the continuum of cannabis types that said a 0.3% THC in a sifted batch of  flower was the difference between hemp and marijuana.

On one hand you have cannabis as a plant species and then you have strains that only have trace amounts of THC which is referred to as Hemp.  This batch of hemp doesn’t have enough of the THC or content that gets you high. If you smoke that you won’t get high because there is not enough THC in the Hemp flower.  And then you have cannabis strains that have high amounts of THC which we call marijuana. And a bunch of other names such as pot, dope, ganja, reefer, herb, weed, mary jane and so on.

The difference is in the amount of THC in the flower produced by the strain.  If there is more than 0.3 percent then we call it marijuana. If there is less than 0.3 percent THC it’s referred to Hemp and can be used for industrial purposes.