One October 20, 2018 Cannabis will no longer be illegal in Canada.  This makes it the perfect place to start real conclusive much needed research on how Cannabis could help or be used to medical uses.  We have medical marijuana in many states through out the US  but because it’s considered illegal federally, we haven’t had much real scientific research done.

Another major issue in conducting research is that funding has been tough to come by.  This could all change as Wall Street money is starting to pour into Canada.  Not only has there been investments in cultivation and production but the hope is that science will also start to get funded.  Finally we can catch up on all the benefits of using cannabis now that Canada has legalized it’s use.

There is a long legacy of restricted research that has been done. This should all change.  Research south of Canada in the United States has not been productive even with all the states with medical marijuana bills on the books and millions of medical users.

The truth is because of this we don’t know what the effects are good and bad of legalizing Hemp.  There simple is a lack of research.  Researchers just don’t have a scientific grasp on what the good and the bad might actually be.