Legalization Fever In Congress

There are very few things these days that get bi partisan agreement. The House judiciary committee held hearings to discuss marijuana reform. This was in the sub-committee of crime, terrorism and homeland security. The consensus is that reform is gaining momentum. The idea is that this is the best way to address racial and social equality. The goal is to at least work toward decriminalization.

So far 11 states have legalized cannabis for adult recreational use. There is no dispute that a majority of Americans support legalization. Times have changed and it’s widely accepted. Proof that it can be legal and the world is still safe. It is now recognized to be not some evil drug. In fact many believe in the medical and theoretic benefits of marijuana.


One of the issues is that with so many states legalizing adult recreational use the people using legally in their state are breaking federal law. Very few people would argue that the laws need to be changed.

One roadblock is that while a majority in congress support change. The congress under democratic control would have no issues approving a bill. And in the Senate with majority support from both parties the person with the power to call a vote is strongly against reforms. Until Mitch McConnell is on board or at least supports allowing a vote there is little hope in any change in the near future.